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All cases were classified as non-polio AFP according to WHO classification. About 60% were identified with neurological disorders, with Guillain-Barré syndrome (25.9%) and myelitis (13.4%) being the most common. Viruses were detected in 14.0% of the AFP cases, with non-polio enteroviruses (NPEV) (60.0%) and adenoviruses (31.4%) accounted for most of the positive detections. The visual acuities at the 3-month and 1-year follow-up examinations were 20/50, much better than the conventional surgical treatment of idiopathic macular New Balance Outlet hole and comparable to previous reports of the treatment of traumatic macular hole. Vitrectomy procedure has been proved to be effective for the treatment of traumatic macular hole. Vitrectomy combined with membrane peeling, autologous serum and intraocular gas tamponade can heal the traumatic macular hole more rapidly than the conventional treatment with vitrectomy only.. Median follow-up at the time of analysis was 20.2 months (IQR 15.0-27.1). Median PFS was 7.00 months (95% CI 6.74-8.18) with everolimus and 5.78 months (5.49-6.90) with placebo (hazard ratio 0.78 [95% CI 0.65-0.95]; p=0.0067). The most common grade 3-4 adverse events were neutropenia (204 [73%] of 280 patients in the everolimus group vs 175 [62%] of 282 patients in the placebo group), leucopenia (106 [38%] vs 82 [29%]), anaemia (53 [19%] vs 17 [6%]), febrile neutropenia (44 [16%] vs ten [4%]), stomatitis (37 [13%] vs four [1%]), and fatigue (34 [12%] vs 11 [4%]). The effects of addition of carbonated residue mud (RMC) or seawater neutralized residue mud (RMS), at two rates, in the presence or absence of added green waste compost, on the chemical, physical and microbial properties of gypsum-treated bauxite residue sand were studied in a laboratory incubation study. The growth of two species commonly used in revegetation of residue sand (Lolium rigidum and Acacia saligna) in the treatments was then studied in a 18-week greenhouse study. Addition of green waste-based compost increased ammonium acetate-extractable (exchangeable) Mg, K and Na. Injuries resulting from attacking collisions were consistently higher than injuries sustained in defensive collisions. Wide running forwards had the lowest incidence of injury, and New Balance Outlet Taipei the adjustables and outside backs had the highest incidence of injury.CONCLUSIONS: These results highlight the physical demands associated with collisions and tackles in professional rugby league. Furthermore, the results of this study suggest that playing position and the type of collision sustained have a greater influence over contact injury risk in rugby league than the number of physical collisions performed.Copyright © 2011 Sports Medicine Australia.  

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