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OBJECTIVE: To determine influenza vaccination rates, vaccine effectiveness, and factors influencing vaccination decisions among house staff.DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey.SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: All residents registered at the University of Toronto were surveyed after the 1999-2000 influenza season. Of the 1,159 questionnaires mailed, 670 (58%) could be evaluated.RESULTS: Influenza-like illnesses were reported by 36% of house staff. The vaccination rate was 51% among respondents, being highest for community and occupational medicine and pediatric staff (77% and 75%) and lowest for psychiatry, surgery, and radiology staff New Balance Running Trainers (32%, 36%, and 36%). The data to support these conclusions are particularly tenuous and are thus offered only as working hypotheses. Because of the intractable methodological and interpretive problems inherent in human developmental research Buy New Balance Trainers on substance abuse, any attempt to draw definitive conclusion is admittedly premature. Because these methodological problems also complicate the efforts of ongoing studies, answers to these persistent questions may not be readily forthcoming.Comment inThe puzzle of cocaine's effects following maternal use during pregnancy: still unsolved. Interestingly, the cytokine production ability of HSPCs trumps mature immune cells in both magnitude and breadth. Among cytokines produced by HSPCs, IL-6 is a particularly important regulator of myeloid differentiation and HSPC proliferation in a paracrine manner and in mediating rapid myeloid cell recovery during neutropenia. This study has uncovered an important property of HSPCs that enables them to convert danger signals into versatile cytokine signals for the regulation of stress hematopoiesis.Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. Of these, patients who received bystander CPR had a significantly higher rate of overall survival (11.2%) than those who did not (7.0%) (p<0.001).INTERPRETATION: CARES data have helped identify opportunities for improvement in OHCA care. The registry is being used continually to monitor prehospital performance and selected aspects of hospital care to improve quality of care and increase rates of survival following OHCA. CARES data confirm that patients who receive CPR from bystanders have a greater chance of surviving OHCA than those who do not.PUBLIC HEALTH ACTIONS: Medical directors and public health professionals in participating communities use CARES data to measure and improve the quality of prehospital care for persons experiencing OHCA.  

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