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Healthy laboratory dogs appear to absorb a mixed meal from the gut at a constant rate. This rate is apparently not affected by meal size. If this is the case, then duration of absorption should depend on total or integrated meal size, whereas metabolite and hormonal levels would be independent of the number of feedings. The tint of forehead skin so exactly matches that of the face and nose that a forehead flap must be the first choice for reconstruction of a nasal defect. The forehead flap makes by far the best nose. With some plastic surgery juggling, the forehead defect can be camouflaged effectively. BACKGROUND: Automatic blood pressure monitoring conducted at home is increasingly used in the diagnosis and management of hypertension. We assessed the adequacy of existing British Hypertension Society (BHS) and Association for the Advancement of Buy New Balance Online Singapore Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) validation standards for automatic New Balance 990 Grey blood pressure monitoring devices.SUBJECT AND METHODS: A theoretical study and an empirical test are presented to estimate the proportion of persons for whom a blood pressure monitor validated according to existing BHS and AAMI standards would be inaccurate.RESULTS: The results suggest that a major limitation of both protocols is the lack of attention given to the number of individual patients for whom a monitor may be inaccurate. A blood pressure monitor that meets the AAMI and BHS validation criteria may report blood pressures in error by more than 5 mmHg for more than half of the people.CONCLUSIONS: A validation standard that does not take account of the person-effects on error will lead to a substantial proportion of persons using self-monitors that are systematically inaccurate for that person.Copyright 2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. During this process, the amplitudes of ms-DLE increased transiently to a maximal amplitude within 0.5 min illumination, and the reached maximum of the fast phase of ms-DLE was approximately 140% of the dark control. Then, ms-DLE decreased from the maximum. After > or =3 min illumination, ms-DLE decreased to a lower level than the dark control. The mortality of toxic epidermal necrolysis is about 30%. Our purpose was to develop and validate a specific severity-of-illness score for cases of toxic epidermal necrolysis admitted to a specialized unit and to compare it with the Simplified Acute Physiology Score and a burn scoring system. A sample of 165 patients was used to develop the toxic epidermal necrolysis-specific severity-of-illness score and evaluate the other scores, a sample of 75 for validation.  

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